Grapevine and Olive Shoots

growing in grace and knowledge.


Your wife will be like a fruitful grapevine, flourishing within your home; your children will be like vigorous young olive shoots around your table. (Psalm 128:3)

My goal for this blog is to document our homeschool journey; my goal for my life is to constantly grow in the Lord and to nurture growth in my children.  Hence, the Scripture inspiring the official name of our homeschool and this site.  The Bible is chock full of verses referencing vines, olives, grapes, fruit, and not only does it appeal to the gardener in me but it reminds me who the True Vine and Master Gardener really are.

All of my posts can be found under the “Olive Shoots Academy” page — I invite you to peruse our meandering journey through Five In A Row, Life of Fred, Handwriting Without Tears, and the many field trips, cooking classes, gymnastics lessons, local support group activities, and time spent outside that are inherent to homeschool life.




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