Grapevine and Olive Shoots

growing in grace and knowledge.


on June 23, 2014

…to my life!  It feels really good to have a writing outlet; I used to journal faithfully but then I had a child.  And now I have two.  So, yeah.  Anyhow, this blog is as much for me as it is for you, dear reader, although I certainly hope you enjoy and appreciate the updates and musings and goings-on.  Aside from giving me a voice and keeping friends and family in the loop, this blog serves as a way to document the growth I hope to achieve – spiritual, educational (especially our homeschooling journey), relational, musical, domestic and otherwise.

Hence, the blog title and Scripture inspiring it.  I love the image of a strong vine and tender olive shoots flourishing and bearing much fruit.  Here is a great page explaining the significance of grapevine imagery in the Bible:

And here, from the same site, is the description of olive trees:

What a wonderful duality: a fruitful grapevine is a symbol of obedient Israel and a good wife, yet the true vine is Jesus (John 15:1-5).  Olive shoots are both symbolic of healthy children in a godly man’s household, and of Jesus’ birth (Isaiah 11:1).  In both cases, for the plant to bear fruit, it must be cultivated and pruned.  And isn’t that what parenting – both ours of our children, and God of His children – is all about?



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